Allan Jacobs

Senior Portfolio Manager, Director of Small Cap Investments

Allan Jacobs joined Sprott Asset Management LP in August 2007 as Director of Small Cap Investments, with a focus on the Sprott Small Cap Funds.

Prior to joining Sprott, Allan was Lead Portfolio Manager of Canadian Small Cap Equities and a Managing Director at Sceptre Investment Counsel. There, he managed the Sceptre Equity Growth Fund, the Sceptre Canadian Equity Small Cap Pooled Fund and the Canadian Small Cap component of institutional portfolios. He also managed the Sceptre Small Cap Opportunities Fund, which was launched in January 2007 – now called the Sprott Small Cap Hedge Fund.

Allan was acknowledged for his achievements at Sceptre on several occasions: the Sceptre Equity Growth Fund was awarded the Best Canadian Small Cap Fund over one, three, five and ten year periods at the 2007 Canadian Lipper Fund Awards. The Fund was also a finalist for the 2006 Small Capitalization Equity Fund of the Year and was chosen Canadian Equity Fund of the Year in 2005 at the Canadian Investment Awards. The Small Capitalization Canadian Equity Pooled Fund, also managed by Allan, was awarded Canadian Small Cap Pooled Fund of the Year in 2006. Furthermore, Allan was chosen the 2006 Fund Manager of the Year at the Canadian Investment Awards.

Prior to joining Sceptre, Allan managed the equities of Old Mutual’s largest portfolio in South Africa (a fund with assets of approximately $6 billion at the time), and thereafter, managed Small Cap Canadian Equities at Canada Life Investment Management Limited.