How to Invest

There are a number of ways to invest with Sprott Asset Management LP (Sprott):

If you are an Investor, Sprott Funds can be purchased through approved dealers across Canada, including investment advisors, brokers, financial planners and discount brokers.

If you are a Financial Advisor, Institutional or International Investor and would like to learn more about Sprott Funds please email or call 866-299-9906.

If you would like to learn about wealth management services offered by Sprott Private Wealth LP please visit, email us at or call at 866-299-9906.

If you are interested in owning gold or silver through our Physical Trusts, Units of the Sprott Physical Gold and Silver Trusts both trade on the NYSE Arca and the TSX and are priced in U.S. dollars. They can be purchased like any regular equity through full service and discount brokers, including in the U.S. through Sprott Global Resource Investments at 800.477.7853, and in Canada through Sprott Private Wealth at 866.299.9906. Both firms are affiliates of the Trusts.

Sprott Physical Gold Trust NYSE Arca: PHYS TSX: PHY.U
Sprott Physical Silver Trust NYSE Arca: PSLV TSX: PHS.U
Sprott Physical Platinum & Palladium Trust NYSE Arca: SPPP TSX: PPT.U 

For non-Canadian residents, our U.S. affiliate, Sprott Asset Management USA Inc., also offers resource-focused investment management services. They can be contacted through or 866.531.8746.  

All domestic mutual funds are available to Canadian individuals and institutional investors. Hedge funds are subject to accredited investor rules.