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Investors shunning gold but they may not be for long

At some point, trade wars could make investors run for the safety of gold, but right now they’re running away.

Gold at one-year low and a record number of investors in survey say it's a buy

Gold has lost its shine, falling to a one-year low. For contrarians, however, it may be the time to buy.

Indian Gold Imports Continue to Dip: Is Gold Losing Appeal?

India, the world’s second largest gold consumer after China, reported a drop of 39% in gold imports in the first five months of 2018.

Gold Investor: Gold and Technology

Over the past decade, the technology sector has accounted for more than 380 tonnes of gold demand annually, a significant figure in itself and almost 13% ahead of central bank net purchases during the same period.

The Role of Silver in the Green Revolution

With its unique conductive and chemical properties, silver is an important industrial metal with integral roles in many electrical and electronic applications.

Want to Win the Trade War? Long the Dollar

Trade wars are good, and easy to win -- that’s a Donald Trump assertion which is giving succor to dollar bulls.

Switzerland chooses gold bullion over paper wealth backed by US dollar

Another country is betting on physical gold. Switzerland's pension fund has boosted its investments in bullion, switching from the paper-backed securities in US dollars.

Gold ends losing streak, but suffers 5.5% quarterly decline

Gold futures snapped a four-day losing streak Friday, but logged a second quarter drop of more than 5%.

Why Russia and Turkey Are Such Gold Bugs

Their moves out of U.S. debt and into the precious metal could be precursors of a bigger global shift.

Gold looks set to mark another 2018 low even as surging dollar pauses

A fresh round of global trade friction was again driving financial market sentiment to start a new week, although the issue has had a subdued impact in supporting haven gold.

Trump's Fickleness Is Dulling Gold's Appeal, Deutsche Fund Says

Gold is failing in its traditional role as a haven in turbulent times, and a Deutsche fund manager has an explanation.

Russia Dumps Treasuries for Gold

The Bank of Russia said on Wednesday that its holdings of gold rose by 1 percent in May to 62 million troy ounces, valuing them at $80.5 billion. In May, Governor Elvira Nabiullina said gold purchases help diversify reserves.

India's silver use triples in a decade, world share up from 14.7% to 39.2%

Silver consumption in India has increased multi-fold in the past one decade, going by a report on the precious metal released recently by the Silver Institute.

U.S. Inflation Accelerates to Six-Year High, Eroding Wages

U.S. inflation accelerated in May to the fastest pace in more than six years, reinforcing the Federal Reserve’s outlook for gradual interest-rate hikes while eroding wage gains that remain relatively tepid despite an 18-year low in unemployment.

Gold Is Your Insurance Policy Against Catastrophe

It is important to own some physical gold in a safe-deposit box as well —something that we can get to in an emergency. However, shares of physical gold in a brokerage account are another excellent insurance policy.

Gold Market Dreams of Blockchain Supply Chain by Next Year

The gold market could be using the technology behind cryptocurrencies to track an almost-$200 billion supply chain as soon as next year.

Gold jewelry sales recovering in China, but platinum left on the shelf

Gold jewelry sales in number one market China are finally picking up after years of decline, but consumers are still shying away from platinum.

Sprott Silver Report: Silver's Critical Role in Electrification May Fuel its Rise

"Silver commands an established precious-metal pedigree, while simultaneously boasting a wide array of active economic functions,' writes Senior Portfolio Manager Trey Reik. This report explores silver's bullish supply/demand fundamentals and why this bodes well for higher silver prices ahead.

Gold May Hit $1,400 in '19 on `Powerful Fuel' of Weak Dollar

Gold may have posted two straight months of declines, but is set to shrug off the blues and rise in 2019 as the dollar weakens.

PRECIOUS-Gold gains as political turmoil in Italy rocks financial markets

Gold edged up on Tuesday as a deepening political crisis in Italy provoked a second day of heavy selling on European financial markets, though a buoyant dollar kept the precious metal's gains in check.

Gold ends lower as dollar gains, finds some support on Italy turmoil

Gold futures ended lower Tuesday as the leading dollar index gained, but the metal hovered above the closely monitored $1,300 line, finding some support from concerns tied to the eurozone.

In Gold We Trust Report 2018: Gold and the Turning of the Monetary Tides

Sprott is pleased to be a major sponsor of the Incrementum's 12th edition of the annual In Gold we Trust report, which discusses three fundamental turning points affecting the global monetary system. Report authors Ronald Peter Stoeferle and Mark Valek refer to these as “Monetary Turns of the Tide”, and write that “Gold will definitely contribute to staking out a comfort zone in the turmoil of the tidal changes that we have discussed.”

Meghan Markle makes gold sales sparkle

The Meghan Markle effect has spread to yellow gold jewelry, helping boost United States sales in the first quarter of 2018 with further gains expected, jewelers said.

Ray Dalio said last year gold was good protection because of Trump and North Korea 'playing chicken'

President Donald Trump's decision Thursday to cancel the Singapore summit with North Korea's leader sent the price of gold higher as global investors sought safety.

Sprott Gold Report: Why Berkshire Hathaway Needs Gold

Senior Portfolio Manager Trey Reik responds to Warren Buffet’s distaste for gold, staunchly reconfirmed by Buffett at the May 5 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder Meeting. Reik finds Buffet’s gold-versus-stocks comparison self impeaching, and suggests that a prudent allocation to gold could improve the risk-adjusted returns even for Berkshire Hathaway.

When Interest Rates Go Up, Gold Doesn’t: ‘It’s Totally Fallacious’ — Eric Sprott

The argument that when interest rates go up, gold goes down is a “totally fallacious” one, said Eric Sprott, billionaire precious metals investor and founder of Sprott Inc.

Gold’s Beauty Contest Still Has Legs

What’s ailing gold? After a rally from its lows in mid-December to a peak of $1,358 an ounce Jan.

How Much Gold Is Left in the World?

In 2016, archaeologists working at a dig site in Bulgaria came across a tiny but significant find: A gold bead measuring about an eighth of an inch in diameter, which scientists believe may be the oldest piece of refined gold jewelry ever discovered -- dating back as far as 4600 B.C.

Pension plans eyeing gold as inflation concerns rise

As inflation is back on institutional investors’ minds, some are eyeing an allocation to gold, both directly and through companies with exposure to the metal, according to one investment manager.

Trump Ire Stokes Gold Trade in Iran as Rial Hits Record Low

Iranians placed a lot more bets on gold in the first quarter after the local currency weakened to a record and fears grew that the U.S. would pull out of the nuclear deal, signaling a return to sanctions.

Global gold demand posts its weakest first quarter since the 2008 financial crisis

Worldwide demand for gold totaled 973.5 tons in the first quarter of the year, according to the Council's latest report, down 7 percent year-on-year.

Ron Paul: Buy Gold To Protect Against 50% Equity Correction

Former Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul is recommending investors look to gold to protect themselves from a correction in equity market.

Sprott Gold Report: “QT” or Not to “T,” That is the Question

Senior Portfolio Manager Trey Reik presents analysis suggesting the Fed’s dual agenda of rate hikes and QT balance-sheet reduction is already straining global liquidity to the peril of reigning financial asset valuations. In order to arrest deflationary forces, at least in part of their own making, we expect the Fed to scale back telegraphed FOMC policy by yearend.

Gold Miners Betting On Digital Gold Market As Tradewind Raises $10.6 Million

On Wednesday, new fintech startup Tradewind announced that it raised $10.6 million in a strategic placement. The investment was led by Agnico Eagle (NYSE: AEM, TSX: AEM), IAMGOLD (TSX: IMG, NYSE: IAG) and Wheaton Precious Metals (NYSE: WPM, TSX: WPM). At the same time, existing stakeholders Sprott Inc. and Goldcorp (NYSE: GG, TSX: G) increased their investment in the company. Silicon-Valley-based venture capital firm Sapphire Ventures also became a new investor in Tradewind.

Sliver of Germany's mighty gold stash goes on show for the first time

Germany’s central bank, the Bundesbank, has opened an exhibition of its hefty gold reserves after recalling half of its bullion from foreign vaults. 

Is Gold Repatriation A Trend? Turkey Gets Its Reserves Back From The U.S. - Reports

Turkey joined the ranks of Germany and Hungary as the latest country which brought back its gold to home base, this according to reports from the country’s media.

Sprott Gold Report: Gold is Rarely this Cheap

Sprott Global Investment Executive Kenton Ralph Toews looks more closely at how commodities, relative to equities, are at their most undervalued in decades. Gold is especially inexpensive relative to the S&P 500. 

BMO: Silver To Get Long-Term Boost From Photovoltaic Demand

A rise in photovoltaic demand should improve silver’s supply/demand fundamental picture in the coming years, said BMO Capital Markets.

World Silver Survey 2018

The annual World Silver Survey is produced by the GFSM team at Tomson Reuters. The Survey is an excellent resource for silver investors, and is considered the industry standard for detailed silver statistics and analysis.

Global debt is at historic highs and governments should start cutting levels now, the IMF says

Global debt hit its highest levels ever and governments should take actions to reduce their indebtedness while the going is still good, the International Monetary Fund said.

One of These Investors Is About to Catch a Silver Bullet: Gadfly

Someone is about to catch a bullet in the silver market. Commodity funds are betting that the metal is headed for a fall.

Why Gold Mining ETFs Are Rallying

Trade war and increasing inflationary expectations are fears that investors are stricken with at the moment.

Gold is taking back its crown from bitcoin as best defensive play, strategist says

Gold soared to two-year highs this week as uncertainty rattled the market. The bull run isn't over yet, says one strategist.

Gold hits highest level since August 2016 in wake of Trump's missile threat

Gold futures hit their highest price since August 2016 on Wednesday, rising as investors fled to perceived safe havens after President Donald Trump threatened a missile strike in Syria.

Platinum is cheap – but will it ever get expensive again?

Today, we consider the investment case for the precious metal, platinum. I’ve identified platinum as “cheap” on these pages before and that is an adjective that still applies. In fact, now it is “even cheaper”.

Sprott Gold Report: Cryptocurrencies, Solid Gold or Just a Flash in the Pan?

Sprott Asset Management CEO John Ciampaglia examines the relative merits of gold and cryptocurrencies as these two alternatives to traditional fiat currencies duke it out in the “monetary” boxing ring of investor sentiment.

Ray Dalio Says Odds Are Rising for Trade and Other Types of Wars

"Recent geopolitical developments have led me to raise my probabilities of trade and other types of wars, such as capital wars, cyber wars (and possibly even shooting wars)," Bridgewater Associates Co-Chairman Ray Dalio wrote on LinkedIn.

Indicators Point To A Silver Rally

Despite its much lower market profile than gold, silver’s prospects are looking up.

Interview with Sprott's Trey Reik

Sprott's Ed Coyne and Trey Reik discuss the importance of gold to investment portfolios.

Gold Price Seen ‘Moving North’ as World Fails to Replace Output

Bullion prices are set to climb because there’s been a lack of exploration and the global industry isn’t replacing the reserves it’s been mining, according to Stephen Letwin, chief executive officer at Iamgold Corp.

Gold is catching a bid on trade war fears, but is now the time to buy?

Bill Baruch of Blue Line Futures and Larry McDonald with the Bear Traps Report discuss gold with Scott Wapner.

Unloved gold juniors ripe for the picking

A frequently trotted-out rule in investing is when there is blood in the streets, it's time to take a stock position.

Inflation Could Help Ease the U.S.'s Debt Burden

Few topics are less conducive to rational debate than the national debt. One of the most divisive questions is whether a country can get into trouble issuing debt in a currency it controls.

Gold Is Heading to $1,400 If Trade War Breaks Out, According to Sprott

Gold will surge to the highest level in five years if a global trade war breaks out, according to Rick Rule, chief executive officer of Sprott U.S. Holdings Inc., who’s been involved in the market for four decades.

Sales of US Mint American Eagle gold, silver coins fall in March

Sales in March of U.S. Mint American Eagle gold fell to their lowest for the month, and silver coins dropped to their lowest in 11 years, government data showed.

From Ford to Gold: More Companies Adopt Blockchain Technology

The Blockchain technology has come a long way since it was first conceptualized by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. What was initially the core component of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin has now been adopted by different industries and for different purposes.

Gold forges its best run since 2011

Gold bulls are finding 2018 offers plenty of reasons to be cheerful.

Goldcorp, Sprott getting in on blockchain

If you physically own gold, you need to keep in safe. Which means keeping it in a safe, either in a bank or in your home. Or, you can invest in a gold exchange traded fund (ETF), in which case you don’t actually own the gold, and will be charged an annual management fee.

Get Ready: ‘Big Breakout For Gold’ Is Coming — Bloomberg Intelligence

A gold rally is in the cards for April, said Bloomberg Intelligence commodity strategist Mike McGlone, adding that not much can get in the way of that happening.

Goldcorp Deposits the First Gold on Tradewind Blockchain

Goldcorp Inc. (TSX: G, NYSE: GG) ("Goldcorp") and Tradewind Markets, Inc. ("Tradewind"™), a financial technology company revolutionizing the way gold trades, announced that Goldcorp deposited the first gold onto Tradewind's blockchain, known as VaultChain™, as the "genesis block".

Goldcorp Embracing Digital Gold, Placing 3K Ounces On New Market

In its continued bid to bring innovation to the precious-metals sector, one of the world’s biggest gold miners has embraced a new blockchain-based digital marketplace.

NY Startup Rolls Out Blockchain Platform for Gold Trading

US tech startup TradeWind Markets has launched a digital gold trading and settlement system that is expected to streamline and speed up the trading process and cut transaction costs.

Gold is breaking out, and a perfect storm may be brewing for a bigger rally

Gold is on a tear, and some market watchers see further upside ahead for the precious metal

ETF Investors Outsmart Hedge Funds Who Miss Out as Gold Rebounds

Hedge funds could learn a thing or two from exchange-traded fund holders, at least as far as the gold market is concerned.

Sprott-Backed Blockchain Platform Aims to Give Gold Digital Edge

TradeWind Markets Inc., a technology provider backed by Sprott Inc. and Goldcorp Inc., on Monday launched a new digital gold trading and settlement platform that aims to simplify and speed up trading and reduce transaction costs. The Royal Canadian Mint will provide storage for the platform, guaranteeing that the digital gold is backed one-to-one by physical bars.

India’s gold market

India, the world’s second biggest gold consumer, relies on imports to fulfill its nearly entire consumption.

In India, Digital Gold Sellers Hope Trickle Will Become a Rush

A digital revolution is reshaping India's $34 billion gold market, with smartphones, e-wallets and flexible investment schemes drawing new buyers into a business dominated by traditional, face-to-face transactions.

Gold 'loves any turbulence' as metal rises following Tillerson's exit

Gold futures edged higher on the latest shakeup in the Trump adminstration, with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson being replaced by CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

Sprott Gold Report: Gold Resilient Despite Market Volatility

The calm of equity markets across the world was rudely interrupted in February by a sudden spike in volatility which impacted virtually every asset class. Volatility across equities, bonds, currencies and commodities rose sharply during the month and remained elevated into March.

Five banks open up trillion-dollar gold club

The five banks that settle every transaction in London's $6.8 trillion a year gold market are changing the rules of their clearing house to make it easier for newcomers to join.

CEF: The Precious Metals Fund For The Bargain Hunters And The Concerned

CEF is a closed-end fund sponsored by Sprott Inc., seeking exposure to commodities through investments of gold and silver bullion.

From copper to gold, metals gaining upper hand vs. stock market

Steady metal prices to start 2018 should translate to further gains by year-end. They needed to pause after gaining 21% last year, as measured by the Bloomberg All Metals Total Return.

Silver News: Overcoming The Threat Of Antimicrobial Resistance To Silver

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) represents one of the most significant challenges in healthcare. A study recently published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology suggests that microorganisms can become resistant to the antimicrobial effects of silver nanoparticles, but there is a new way to tackle this.

Sprott Gold Report: Oopsie Daisy! Equity Markets Stumble in Early February

Senior Portfolio Manager Trey Reik looks beyond the short-term damage of the Feb. 5 market selloff, and explores why the current fed tightening cycle is likely to increase the stress on individual consumers and inflict damage across a broad spectrum on financial assets.

Sprott Physical Platinum & Palladium Trust: Attractiveness Depends On Position Size

Platinum and palladium are lesser-known precious metals which may offer diversification benefits to any portfolio.

Enhancing Portfolio Diversification with Gold and Silver

Ed Coyne, Executive Vice President at Sprott Asset Management discusses how an allocation to gold and silver can complement equities in an investment portfolio, and why Sprott advocates a 5-10% allocation for most investors. Coyne also introduces the Sprott Physical Gold and Silver Trust (CEF), which represents the successful takeover of Central Fund of Canada.

Sprott Gold Report: Why Gold and Gold Equities Can Thrive in 2018

With the beginning of the new year, we have entered a seasonally strong period for gold bullion and gold equities. Gold bullion posted a strong gain of 3.23% in January, ending the month at $1,345.15 per ounce. While sentiment towards gold has improved from frigid to luke-warm, sentiment towards precious metals equities remains downright bearish.

Sprott Physical Gold and Silver Trusts Launches on NYSE

Executive VP Ed Coyne discusses Sprott's acquisition of the Central Fund of Canada and launch of the Sprott Physical Gold and Silver Trust.

Sprott Gold Report: 2017 Redux

Gold bullion rose a respectable 13.09% in 2017, posting its strongest annual gain since 2010. Senior Portfolio Manager Trey Reik explores why gold's performance stacks up well against other alternative asset classes.

Sprott seeing renewed interest in gold as stocks keep rallying

Institutional investors are showing renewed interest in gold due to the softer U.S. dollar, rising bond yields and concern about stretched asset valuations. Some big investors are seeking to diversify their portfolios and taking a hard look at gold as an asset class to hedge against any potential market turmoil.

Sprott Seeing Renewed Interest in Gold as Stocks Keep Rallying

Institutional investors are showing renewed interest in gold due to the softer U.S. dollar, rising bond yields and concern about stretched asset valuations.

Sprott Gold Report: Just Get Tax Reform Done!

Senior Portfolio Manager Trey Reik takes a closer look at Trump's tax reform. Eager for the tax bill to pass, Trump boasts in a recent tweet, “It will be the BIGGEST TAX CUT and TAX REFORM in the HISTORY of our country!” We disagree. 

Sprott Gold Report: Gold Equities are Currently on Sale

Portfolio Manager Shree Kargutkar says, "gold is likely to benefit in early 2018 from its traditional first quarter strength."  He also explains why gold mining equities are cheap right now, and why high-quality miners are positioned for strong earnings performances.

Podcast: Precious Metals with Maria Smirnova from Sprott Asset Management

Maria Smirnova, Senior Portfolio Manager, discusses precious metals, and how it is getting much harder to find new deposits, given the drop-off in exploration budgets. She explains how an allocation to gold and silver in an investment portfolio can reduce volatility.

Sprott Gold Report: Bridging the Performance Gap Between Gold and Miners

Senior Portfolio Manager Trey Reik examines the interplay between gold bullion and gold equities. This relationship has been noteworthy in 2017, given an anomalous performance gap that we believe may provide investment opportunity for precious metals investors.

Bitcoin Is A Distraction, Focus On Gold - Rick Rule

Even though bitcoin seems like a more exciting option than gold this year, precious metal expert Rick Rule advises investors not to get distracted by things that “don’t matter.”

Sprott Silver Report: An Essential Metal for the 21st Century

Maria Smirnova, Senior Portfolio Manager, shares key takeaways from the Silver Institute’s 3rd Silver Industrial Conference that focused on “Silver’s Evolving Role in Science and Technology.” Smirnova looks at silver’s expanding role given its use in solar, automotive, electronics and healthcare applications, and explains why we are bullish on the metal. 

Bitcoin Has a Long Way to Go to Replace Gold, Says Sprott’s Trey Reik

Sprott Asset Management USA Senior Portfolio Manager talks about the pros and cons of bitcoin and how it compares with gold as an investment.

Sprott Gold Report: Will Receding Rate Hike Expectations Give Gold a Lift?

Senior Portfolio Manager Trey Reik discusses why gold has spent the past seven months in a tight trading range between $1,200 and $1,300 per ounce. Given the stored force inherent in such a trading pattern, history suggests a breakout, whether up or down, is likely to be characterized by a steep slope. The question remains, which direction will gold follow?

Sprott Silver Report: The Case for Investing In Silver

"Silver commands an established precious-metal pedigree, while simultaneously boasting a wide array of active economic functions,' writes Senior Portfolio Manager Trey Reik. This report explores silver's bullish supply/demand fundamentals and why this bodes well for higher silver prices ahead.

Sprott's Ed Coyne And Trey Reik Discuss the Current State of Gold
Sprott Gold Report: Have We Reached Peak Global Central Bank Liquidty?

Senior Portfolio Manager Trey Reik asks: "What is fueling this record-breaking investor complacency? We would suggest market perceptions of risk have been all but extinguished by relentless provision of central bank liquidity." He explains why gold's pullback is a reflection of persistent strength in U.S. equity markets.

Sprott Gold Report: Top-Ten Fundamentals Supporting Higher Gold Prices

Senior Portfolio Manager Trey Reik identifies ten market variables we view as bullish for the gold price: "With respect to precious metals, we have rarely observed such a confluence of gold-supportive technical and quantitative variables across such a wide spectrum of relevant asset classes."

Sprott Gold Report: Is the Fed Worried About Irrational Exuberance in U.S. Equity Markets?

Senior Portfolio Manager Trey Reik looks at gold's lackluster performance in March: "We attribute this swift shift largely to a short stretch of particularly impassioned Fed jawboning, book-ended by the FOMC’s two crucial thought-leaders, Vice Chairman William Dudley and Chair Janet Yellen."

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