Sprott Enhanced Balanced Class

Investment Team

  • John Wilson
    Chief Executive Officer; Co-Chief Investment Officer; Senior Portfolio Manager

  • Scott Colbourne
    Co-Chief Investment Officer; Senior Portfolio Manager

Fund Details

Fund Status Open
Fund Type Canadian Equity Balanced
Unit Price $10.00
Registered Tax Plan Status Expected to be 100% Eligible
Minimum Initial Investment $1,000 CDN
Minimum Subsequent Investment $25 CDN
Valuations Daily
Management Fee 1.90% (Series A, T) 0.90% (Series F, FT)
Performance Fee 10% of Excess over blended benchmark index1
Minimum Investment Term 20 days (1.5% penalty)
Fund Code

SPR 438 - (A)
SPR 441 - (T-FE)
SPR 439 - (F)
SPR 442 - (FT)
SPR 443 - (A-LL)
SPR 444 - (T-LL)

Inception Date 9/30/2013
Investor Risk Tolerance Low

Ordinary Dividends Paid in December; Capital Gains Dividends Paid in February; Distributions are Reinvested Automatically. For Series T and FT shares, shareholders will receive a target monthly distribution of 6% per annum.


40% S&P/TSX Composite TRI;
30% S&P 500 TRI CAD;
30% DEX Universe Bond Index


Fund Objective

The Fund seeks to achieve long term capital growth and income. The Fund invests primarily in equities and fixed-income securities of Canadian issuers, and may invest a portion of its assets in foreign equities and fixed-income securities. The Fund will seek to enhance income generation by employing investment strategies such as short selling and options trading.

Unit Price (NAV - Series A)

Top Ten Holdings

  1. Sprott Diversified Bond Fund
  2. Fiserv Inc.
  3. SPDR Euro Stoxx 50 ETF
  4. Transcanada Corporation
  5. Enbridge Inc.
  6. Discover Financial Services
  7. CGI Group Inc.
  8. General Electric Co.
  9. Altagas Income Ltd.
  10. Element Financial Corp.
Allocation data as at February 28, 2017

Why Invest in the Sprott Enhanced Balanced Class

  • Focus on absolute returns with emphasis on capital preservation.
  • Disciplined investment process to manage downside risk.
  • Experienced portfolio managers with a proven track record.
  • An ideal core balanced holding for investors seeking conservative growth and current income.
  • Series T and FT are available to provide monthly tax-efficient distributions for investors seeking regular cash flow (target yield of 6%).
  • As part of Sprott Corporate Class Inc., it offers the flexibility of switching to other share classes on a tax-deferred basis.
Typical Range of Equities Allocation: 50% to 75%
Typical Range of Fixed Income Allocation: 25% to 50%
Foreign Content Allocation: Up to 30%
Ability to use Covered Call Options: Yes
Ability to use Put Options for Hedging: Yes
Ability to Short Sell**: Yes

 ** subject to regulatory requirements

The indicated rates of return for series A/class A securities of the Funds are based on the historical annual compounded total returns including changes in unit/share value and reinvestment of all distributions or dividends and does not take into account sales, redemption, distribution or optional charges or income taxes payable by any security holder that would have reduced returns. Investment funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. This communication does not constitute an offer to sell or solicitation to purchase securities of the Funds.

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